Dear Governor Whitmer, and State Legislators: I propose the following legislation the “Darwin Act of 2021”, named after Charles Darwin.

The Darwin Act of 2021, will lift all COVID mandates at the State and Local level. This will lift all COVID mandates including but not limited to use of face coverings, social distancing requirements, and capacity restrictions on June 1st, 2021.

The Darwin Act of 2021 will require all hospitals with more than 70% of ICU beds filled to deny services to any patient with COVID who has not had a COVID vaccination.

Proposal by Nathan Smith-Manley (, constituent in Berrien County, Michigan. To: Representatives Julie Rogers, Christine Morse, and Senator Sean McCann

Closes loopholes allowing Automotive Insurance Companies to overcharge for unnecessary Personal Injury Protection provisions.

Creates a database of individuals with Medical Insurance including Qualified Health Coverage which qualify for an Auto Insurance Personal Injury Protection exemption to be maintained by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

Requires that all Medical Insurance companies must report individuals with Qualified Health Coverage eligible for exemption from Personal Injury Protection to online database.

Requires U.S. Social Security to report individuals with Medicare…

A Notary Public, as an independent civil servant, typically appointed by a Secretary of State. A Notary Public’s role is to authenticate the identification of signers, and to evaluate if they are aware of what the document they are signing is.

I very much dislike the term “Notary Signing Agent”, or “Signing Agent”, I’m also adverse to contracting for a Title Company or lender — That’s now how it’s “suppose” to work. A notary is not suppose to be a representative of a lender or title company. …

Nate Smith-Manley

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