Tell your lender, you’ll pick your own notary.

A Notary Public, as an independent civil servant, typically appointed by a Secretary of State. A Notary Public’s role is to authenticate the identification of signers, and to evaluate if they are aware of what the document they are signing is.

I very much dislike the term “Notary Signing Agent”, or “Signing Agent”, I’m also adverse to contracting for a Title Company or lender — That’s now how it’s “suppose” to work. A notary is not suppose to be a representative of a lender or title company. There is a clear bias, if a notary relies upon a single company for income.

If you are refinancing your home, getting your first mortgage, or just doing a simple everyday vehicle title transfer — you have the right to, and should choose your own notary.

One particular assignment stands out in my head. A “timeshare property reseller” from Florida contacted me. They had a client where I lived at the time — in Wisconsin. Immediately “alarm bells” went off. I know that timeshare properties are often sold with unscrupulous high pressure tactics, and that buyers frequently aren’t happy when they find out all the fees they pay for owning a timeshare property. However, I accepted that assignment because I though the company would help the client unload a costly investment.

When I arrived to meet the client, I discovered she was legally blind and could not read the paperwork. I observed the client get a “high pressure” call from a sales agent of the company and she was literally in tears. The company was demanding a large payment from the client to sell the property and wanted me to drive to client to the bank.

I asked the client, if she had a close relative or someone I could speak with. I called her Son, and explained the situation and he informed me he was aware that she was taken advantage of my a timeshare sales company, and was upset another company was now also trying to take advantage of her. Ultimately, I told this company, sorry — She’s unwilling to sign. I also notified Wisconsin’s Attorney General. Of course — the company in question refused to pay me for my travel and expenses. This is what a Notary is suppose to do.